Wait... how does this work, exactly?

It's quite simple, really: you tell me what I should draw, then I get started hand-drawing your custom coloring page or jigsaw puzzle. I record each piece as it's being created so you can see how I draw it! When your item is complete, I include two things in an email to you: 1) a ready-to-print PDF of your custom sheet (print as many copies as you like), and 2) a YouTube video link, showing your custom coloring sheet transformed from blank page to finished product. All of this usually happens within two business days of placing your order.​ 

What do I do with the YouTube link?

Watch and enjoy! The YouTube link shows your specific request being drawn, and you can choose whether it's a zippy speed-draw with music, or a slower, "real-time" drawing where I have a brief, friendly chat with the recipient and discuss with them what I'm drawing. Think Bob Ross, only for the younger set. Don't worry: it's a 100% kid-friendly discussion with -zero- worry of anything inappropriate for young viewers (I'm a mom, too! I get it!). Share the YouTube link with your friends on Facebook or Instagram! Or, if you want to keep it private for your eyes only, that's A-OK. Just let me know which you prefer when you complete the order form. 

What if I don't have access to a printer?

No problem. Simply choose any of the "Print & Ship" options in The Mom Shop (my online store), and I'll snail-mail your custom sheets to the address you provide. You'll still get an email link within two business days of the YouTube video showing the making of your coloring sheet. 

Can you draw (this) licensed character? 

No, because it's a copyright infringement. I cannot draw characters from Disney, Nick Jr, PBS, Marvel, etc, or from any other licensed product or entity. However, I will happily draw general scenes, names/hand lettering, and items that are in the public domain. Thanks for your understanding.

Can you draw my child / pet / family member?

Sorry, nope. I am not a caricature artist, but a simple Google search will turn up many of them who can help you far better than I could. I am a creative mom from Iowa who loves to draw for artists of all ages, and I'd love to make a unique illustration for you to color, too.

How many different drawings are included in my order?

It will vary based on your order. The details and contents are indicated on each item in The Mom Shop (my online store). Each coloring page order includes one (1) scene; Road Trip Bundles include five (5) scenes, and the 12-month subscription orders receive a different coloring page each month.  If you'd like to receive more drawings within a certain theme or collection (i.e., "under the sea" or "boy's birthday party," for example), I would be happy to give you a quote for a multi-piece collection of custom artwork. Simply drop me a line and let's see what we can do.  

How much lead time/turn-around time do you need? 

Generally speaking, I can fulfill your custom coloring request within two business days when you choose digital delivery. If you choose a Print & Ship option, please allow adequate shipping time for your order to reach you via the postal system. If you need something in a big hurry, rush charges and expedited shipping costs will apply. If unforeseen circumstances are causing any sort of production delay on my end, I will contact you ASAP at the email address provided on the order form to see what we can work out. 

Can I use this for my classroom? 

Absolutely. Any and all educational use of my free download coloring pages is welcome, whether in public, private or religious schools. However, commercial use is strongly prohibited; you may not resell my drawings and you may not use the drawings any way on a for-sale product without an additional license. Please contact me for affordable commercial-use rights agreements. 

Who owns the finished drawing? 

We share ownership of it. You may reproduce the artwork as many times as you like for your personal use; I reserve the right to share your custom drawing on my website and/or social media channels for promotional measures. 


Thank you!

Love, CustomColoringMom
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